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Justice Is Our Goal

Macauley Ekpenisi and ClientAt the Oceanbridge Law Firm, APC we help clients with a variety of matters, including workers' compensation, wrongful termination, personal injury and landlord-tenant issues. What these practice areas have in common is that they involve ordinary people who have been wronged, and need someone to represent them against employers, landlords, insurance companies and other powerful figures.

Often, people feel frightened or frustrated when they have to go against powerful forces. That's why it's so important that people who have been injured or otherwise wronged have a professional to stand up for them and protect their rights.

We are happy to be of service to our clients, and happy to be the professionals who fight for them.

Representing Hard-Working People

The Oceanbridge Law Firm, APC represents workers, tenants and others who may not have wealth or political connections, but who have justice on their side. We help you to understand your rights, and we work with you to find the legal strategies that can help you to resolve your legal issues.

Like many of our clients, our attorney came to California from far away.

Macauley Ekpenisi, comes from a family of lawyers in Nigeria. After working as a lawyer in his home country, practicing international law for more than 10 years, he came to the United States to help protect the rights of people in California.

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When You Need A Professional On Your Side

For help with tenant injury, premises liability, workers' compensation or other legal issues, call the Oceanbridge Law Firm, APC today at 818-668-3198. You can also reach the firm by email. Located in Van Nuys, we help clients from all over the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

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